Galaxy G2 4K Smart Box System




included in this order:

1x G2 4K Smart Box System
1x NEW VERSION Advanced gyro voice double sided back lit keyboard remote (New version to our current advanced remote – buttons now light up when activated.)
1x 4ft HDMI cable
1x Power cable
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About Product:

The Galaxy G2 is our totally re designed next generation Galaxy system that provides double, and in some cases, triple the amount of processing power! The G2 also has a totally re designed firmware that enables you to enjoy your favorites all in one place. Easily search for what you’re looking for using the Advanced voice remote with full light up keyboard functions!

Compact Design: Allows for easy placement in virtually any location.

Mobility: Easily bring it anywhere you go as long as you have an internet connection.

Quality: View your favorites in 3D, HD, and 4K.

Access: Get unlimited access to all of your favorite apps in one place!

Apps/Games: Full access to Google play store game remote compatible (Game Remote sold separately)

Reliability: One of most reliable TV system’s out to date! (Backed by our limited one year manufacture warranty)


Product size: 120x120x 20mm

System Config:
CPU: S905X3 QC Corlex-A53 Processing
GPU: Davlin MP2
Flash: 32GB

Power Supply:
DC 5V 2A

Main Features:
Product casing: Plastic Material
OS: Android 9 (Tested for most stability)
3D: Hardware 3D graphics acceleration

Purchase Notes:
All units are tested independently prior to shipment to ensure 100% satisfactory.