Questions and Answers

Are your Galaxy Stream TV systems illegal?

No, Galaxy Stream TV is merely a hardware provider and neither we nor our customers are in control of third party software uploads/updates. (View Disclaimer)

Where do your units come from?

We take pride in manufacturing/designing our own units through our direct factory and we do not buy and re sell units like many other companies do.

What’s the difference between your boxes and others on the internet??

A product is only as good as its quality and we take pride in our quality and back our units with a manufacture warranty. (View Product Warranty)

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes! Our come automatically with  “limited”  2 year manufacture warranty for units that show no signs of human error. We also offer lifetime support for all of our units. (View Product Warranty).

I own your system but it keeps buffering when I’m streaming a movie or show.?

This can happen due to poor or weak internet connections/speeds. We strongly advise the use of an Ethernet cord to make a strong connection between your router/modem and our Galaxy box. We also recommend clearing your cache in Kodi Media Streamer via the Xunity add-on. click here for instructions on how to install Xunity.

I had/have a Fire Stick that always forced me to re install kodi streamer, operating system builds, etc... Will that be a factor with my new Galaxy Box?

No, Amazon owns Fire stick therefore; they can release updates in efforts to block you from using programs such as Kodi open sourced media streamer. Our Systems are android based which is owned by Google and is open sourced. Therefore android will always remain free of software patches that prevent you from using programs such as Kodi and other streamer applications.

I purchased a Galaxy Box and it's all hooked up but nothing loads!

This is because you are either not connected to the internet or you are using WiFi from your router that is too far away. Please try moving the box closer to your router/modem & ensure that you are successfully connected to it. 

Does your box update itself or do I need to do it manually?

Our systems are designed to update automatically so you do not need to worry about updating. However, you can always check for updates manually.

Can I use my phone as a remote control with programs that are available on your system?

Yes, We are one of the very few hardware providers that allow for phone remote control access via Bluetooth 4.0 or Wi-Fi networks using our partnered app “Cetusplay” which can be downloaded right from your apple and android app store.

Can I easily install APK files to your systems without the use of a third party computer program?

Yes, you can download APK files straight from the android browser, SD card, or any apps directly from the google play store located right on the systems home screen.

I want to buy 4 or more units for my family do you provide the units and a cheaper cost?

Yes, We offer a family plan discount for those who purchase at least 4 or more units just be sure to enter the coupon code “familybundle” at checkout.

If I want to purchase in bulk for my store can I get your units at a bulk discount price??

Absolutely! Contact us for more information.

Do your systems have access to adult content and can I disable it?

Yes, our Systems allow for adult addons and they can be found If you look for them specifically. So if you have kids, you may want to configure parental controls. A tutorial video can be found here (Parental controls)